Due to the most recent public health concern, Coronavirus or COVID-19 I want to provide education on the topics that seem to be circulating the most.  I know it may seem like this is a broken record but taking specific precautions during these times is imperative to protect yourself and those around you.

I want to remind everyone to wash their hands frequently and be mindful of their technique.  Ensure that you are rubbing hands together to cause friction and ensuring that handwashing is occurring for a minimum of 20 seconds long.  Turn the faucet off with a dry towel to ensure you don’t re-contaminate your hands.  There are lots of great resources online that show proper demonstrations. Avoid touching your face and if you must wash your hands after doing so.  Perform proper cough etiquette by using a tissue to cough into or use your elbow to cover the cough.  Finally, continue to social distance.  For more detailed information, some great resources would include the Iowa Department of Public Health website and CDC website.  

Hoping for everyone to have a safe and healthy spring.  Hoping to see you all sooner than later once restrictions to nursing facilities are lifted.

Toni Kurtze DON