Tell-tale signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Robins have returned, the snow has melted to a muddy mess, but it means green grass and warm sun is just around the corner. This time of year, the old adage comes to mind, April showers bring May flowers; and although I do not have a green thumb, I appreciate the beauty.  April started off with lots of laughs filling the hallways. April Fool’s Day jokes were aplenty, from creepy crawly bugs to fake chewed gum, residents and staff were in on the fun. Mother Nature played its own April Fool’s Day joke on us, we went to bed on Friday to wake up with a blanket of snow on the ground! Like all good jokes, it didn’t last long, but gave us something to talk about. Check out our Facebook page “Evans Memorial Home & Cresco Assisted Living” to watch our shenanigans!  To wrap up March, the facility had its annual state inspection. Typically, these inspections are done yearly, meaning they range from 9-15 months; however, Covid delayed these surveys to allow a focus on infection prevention during the pandemic. Our last survey was completed right before Covid-19 caused everything to come to a screeching halt. We had been anticipating the survey for several months, but we never know when it will happen. The surveyors enter the building unannounced, and spend the week with us, watching all aspects of care. In addition to the surveyors’ observations, they interview residents, family members, and staff to ask questions of the care provided. I might be biased, but Evans has top-notch staff that truly cares for our residents.  Evans Memorial Home is a continuum of care community, offering long-term care, skilled nursing services, assisted living apartments, and independent living condos. We can accept private, Medicare, and Medicaid funding. If you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please contact the facility for a tour!  We strive to provide Kind. Compassionate. Care. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone or stop at the facility.

Amy Murphy, Administrator