The cold breeze and whipping winds quickly replaced the warmer temperatures I was growing all too fond of. As we dust off our winter coat, hat, mittens, and boots, it is a good reminder to do so for your loved one as well. We want to ensure seasonal attire is available in the event of an outside appointment.

The holiday spirit is much alive within the walls of Evans Memorial Home and Cresco Assisted Living. The trees are decorated, the stockings hung by the fire place, and festive activities fill the days. I for one, am eagerly waiting for a blanket of snow to cover the ground! As the holiday season approaches, we hope for an influx of visitors. We welcome friends and family, and the joy they bring. I do want to provide a few friendly reminders we continue to follow to lessen the risk of Covid exposure: visitors are screened upon entry and must go directly to and from visiting area, masks must be worn when entering the building and when in the hallways, and visitors cannot participate in group activities (bingo, music, facility holiday party, etc.). Although, these guidelines can be frustrating at times, they are in place to help protect those we care for. I appreciate the understanding everyone has shown over the many months.

I recently had a family member ask for Christmas gift ideas, and I thought I would share a few: word search puzzles, lotion, deodorant, body spray, aftershave, greeting cards, stamps, bathrobe, fuzzy socks with grips, new clothes, salon gift certificate, or pictures. As you bring in or send gifts, please consider marking with your loved ones’ name.

Over the past few weeks we have welcomed some fantastic new staff to our team that bring a wealth of knowledge with them. I am excited for what the new year holds! As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to stop in or call me at (563)547-2364.

Happy Holidays,

Amy Murphy, Administrator