Hello everyone! In July, we focused on getting outdoors 3 times a week for walks or just fresh air and a glass of

lemonade.  This will continue as long as the weather permits. We are back to playing Bingo in the dinning room with small groups on Monday and Tuesday.  We enjoyed coffee hours, movies, puzzles, cool treats and video chats with family members last  month.

August will now bring us the dog days of Summer. We look forward to many more fun adventures and challenges.  A couple new things we will be adding for the residents are, San Diego Zoo live cams on Thursday afternoons, outdoor music with Cathy Hoffert a couple times this month, a Friday Happy Hour Cart and soon….. In-person visits with our residents. There are exciting activities awaiting us in August! I don’t want to forget to mention  we will be hosting a game of Facebook Live Bingo on Monday, August 24th at 2:00pm. Please call to get a Bingo card mailed to your address if you are interested in joining us on Facebook for the game.

Remember to visit HappyGram.org to send your loved one a picture or note.

Call Amy Norton to set up video chats and remember, one Saturday a month is also reserved for  the video chats. Check out the activity calendar on our website.

Thank You and Until Next Month,

Amy Norton, Recreation Program Director

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