Here we are again into another month. The weather has been fantastic lately, so we are able to go outside and enjoy our beautiful flowers, pick our cherry tomatoes and just enjoy the blue skies and puffy white clouds. Although the other day, a pop-up-shower came through, we continued to sit under our porch roof and enjoy the smell of rain. It was nice.

We celebrated a couple birthdays in July. They were Mary B. and Lynne L. We had cake and ice cream for both. It was delicious! Thank you, ladies.

We did some baking this past month. We decorated cookies for 4th of July in red/white and blue, of course. And we also made Individual Smore’ Cups to go along with our camping topic. They were quite tasty.

On to August, it is Family Fun Month. Well, with the Covid-19 lurking about us, families of course are not allowed to visit in person, so we are going to write letters and postcards to our family members.  We are going to make posters and put them on Facebook to show everyone we are safe and happy and miss everyone.

We will continue to enjoy the great outdoors before it turns into fall. We enjoy our visits with our tenant friends, enjoy popcorn, ice cream cones, cookies, lemonade, watermelon and our many other ice cream treats.

We do our monthly word searches, crossword puzzles, jumble words, trivia, and spelling bee. Anything to keep our minds sharp!

We are hoping for the day when we can visit our families and friends and enjoy some music indoors. I did play some polka music outside the other day. It was nice but not like the real deal.

With that being said, enjoy the rest of this summer! Stay safe!

Cresco Assisted Living

Recreation Program Director,

Cindy Howland