Happy Fall Y’all!

The facility décor mirrors the beautiful autumn hues filling the hillsides. Each day more leaves are scattered across the lawn and it is inevitable snow will soon find its way into our tiny corner of Iowa. Until then, we will soak in the sun and enjoy the last days of fall. Many activities are planned throughout the month to enjoy the season.

At Evans Memorial Home we understand the transition into a care facility is scary and often not by choice. An acute illness or fall may result in hospitalization. As an elderly individual prepares for hospital discharge there may be a degree of uncertainty if home is the best option. Our rehab-to-home program may be the solution.

Evans has partnered with Regional Health Services of Howard County to provide a comprehensive therapy program. This partnership brings the expertise of Occupational, Physical and Speech therapists into our facility. The rehab-to-home program is a short-term rehabilitation stay. Facility staff work closely with the therapy department to meet the goal of returning home. If you would like to hear more, please call and I would be happy to tell you of the services we offer.

Amy Murphy, Administrator