January proved to be a trying month for us at Evans. We battled a bit of nasty winter weather and did our best to stay healthy.

We brought the new year in with a celebratory toast and noise makers during lunch on New (Noon) Year’s Eve.  We also enjoyed several music acts that came to entertain us during January. A special thank you to Curt and Linda Gjere, Tim the Music Man, Cathy Hoffert, Sounds of Old Country and Bob Bovee. Your performances are always a favorite of the residents. We also thank Lisa Kammerer with her creative January craft and Larry with his nature talk about the birds of northern Minnesota during the winter. These are always so informative and have such beautiful and captivating pictures to show us.

Looking ahead to this month of February, we have many exciting activities to come and we are one month closer to Spring!

We will kick off this month watching the 54th Super Bowl and then on to focusing on Valentines. Residents and staff will be voting for our new 2020 Valentine’s King and Queen, playing many Valentine’s games and sending Valentines to our friends at Assisted Living and the Crestwood 3rd graders.

There are many music acts coming to see us during February, Larry Reis and his nature talks, Bingo with the Notre Dame Religious Ed group and crafts with Lisa Kammerer and cooking with Chef Kevin.

We will be ending February with a Mardi Gras celebration and a Leap Day gathering.

Thank you to all my volunteers for everything they do for me and our residents! Our Friday Socials, Monday Bingo and crafts would not be possible without your help.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook and online at evansmemorialhome.com

Happy February!

Amy Norton, Recreation Program Director