As the first month of the 2020 has come to an end, I have a feeling that the year 2020 will be another fast one.

Hello! My name is Stephanie Klimesh and I am the new Assisted Living Director. I have now been in my role for a little over a month and what a knowledgeable month it has been. I have been a nurse now for almost 7 years. In my 7 years, I have been mainly long-term care. I have a short background in clinic and in-home pediatric care. Before accepting the position here at Cresco Assisted Living, I was the Director of Nursing in Riceville. As much as I enjoyed my position, I was driving one hour one way each day to get to work. With a family that is a lot of time I was losing with them.

Speaking of family! I am married to Harley Klimesh. He works for Vestas Wind. He is currently a lead technician at his wind farm by Davis Corners. We’ve been married almost two years. We have a beautiful, full of energy two-year-old, Aubrey and are expecting another little lady in June. We bought our forever home, located in Calmar, in June of 2019.  As if we don’t have enough to keep us busy, we have two border collies, Mia and Milo.

In my spare time I enjoy shooting pool, kayaking (when the weather permits), playing softball and volleyball. As you may have noticed, most of the things I enjoy are summer related. With summer being my favorite season, getting through the winters can sometimes be a challenge. I decided to take the leap and go back to school for my bachelors to help with the winter blues.

I look forward to continuing to learn in my role and even more as a nurse, here at Cresco Assisted Living. Thank you to all the staff and tenants for giving me a chance and making each day easier and easier on me.

Stay warm out there!

Stephanie Klimesh RN, Assisted Living Director