March Highlights:

7th: Thursday, 2:30pm. Howard County Community Hospice serving "fools gold" and music by Cathy Hoffert.

14th: Thursday, 3:00pm. Music with Cathy Hoffert.

19th: Tuesday, 10:00am. Music with Curt and Linda Gjere.

21st: Thursday, 3:00pm. Music with James Lieder.

26th: Tuesday, 10:00am. Arts & Crafts with Lisa Kammerer.

26th: Tuesday, 3:00pm. Nature Talks with Larry Reis: Prehistoric People in Northeast Iowa.

27th: Wednesday, 7:00pm. Tim the Music Man.

Bingo every Monday at 3:00pm. Join us for these events, all are welcome!


Upcoming Events:


April 20th: Saturday, 10:00am. Community Easter Egg Hunt