Time sure flies when you’re having FUN-here we are into March already. Which is a good thing, hopefully closer to Spring and Summer!!!!

    We had a busy February. We made red velvet cake balls, decorated heart cookies and crowned our Valentine’s King and Queen. This year we crowned Helen and Dean Stark as our 2022 King and Queen. Congratulations to them.

      March seems to be coming in like a lamb, don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. We sure hope so.

   Today is March 1st as I’m writing this so it’s FAT Tuesday and so we’re having Casey’s Pizza and King Cake. This afternoon will be our Mardi Gras Party. Fun Fun!!!!

     We have a couple speakers this month. Pastor Paula is speaking on her trip to Russia on the 9th and our own Gerald I. is speaking on his experiences in Japan on the 14th. Should both be very interesting.

     We will be having our St. Patrick’s Party on the 17th, and it happens that Chef Kevin will be here so he’s going to prepare for it. Then the next day, the 18th will be our monthly breakfast. We always look forward to that.  March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day, and we have three Birthdays this month. Perry B. on the 4th, Camella S. on the 19th and Annette on the 25th.

      Larry Reis will be here on the 16th talking about Iowa’s Ducks and Geese, Tim “The Music Man” will be here a couple times and we will be celebrating Potato Chip & Dip Day on the 23rd. So, it looks to be a fun, busy month!!!

Till next time……

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Cindy Howland

Recreation Program Director