I can’t believe it is already November and feeling like January.  With this weather brings the cold and flu bugs.  With the respiratory symptoms that many may experience with these bugs that are beginning to make their rounds, it is important to remember that majority of colds are viral and do not respond to antibiotics.  Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections.  Viral infections take time for the body to mend from, resting, taking over the counter drugs, and ensuring proper fluid intake can help ease symptoms from these types of infections. Taking antibiotics when our bodies do not need them can make us more susceptible to developing super infections or super bugs that later make it so our body does not respond to certain antibiotics in the future when needed.  Always consult with your physician with any concerns. 

Please remember to postpone your visit if you are not feeling well.  Remember to wash your hands, and please use the alcohol based sanitizers when visiting.

Stay warm,

Toni Kurtze RN, DON