Hello Family and Friends, The signs of fall are apparent; the bare trees, the empty fields, and the chilly nights. Mother Nature is teasing us with the warmer temperatures this week which we will enjoy as long as we can before the cold sets in. The stores are filling with...
Happy Fall everyone! Due to the new restrictions and guidelines for Covid-19, the last few months have been challenging for all of us. We are finally able to put some group activities back in place such as Bingo, movies, recorded church services and socials. This has helped us begin to...
Happy early Thanksgiving from your friends at the Cresco Assisted Living! This year has taken quite the toll on everyone, but we’re still thankful for so many things. It is easy to want to dive into the negatives about this pandemic and really the year of 2020, this month we...

Resident Birthdays

November 5th-Hermina K.

November 10th-Curtis G.

November 13th-Rose F.

November 20th-Evelyn S.

November 28th-Darrell D.

Staff Birthdays

November 5th-Vicki M.

November 13th-Marilyn B.

November 19th-Jackie O.

November 22nd-Tammy H.

November 24th-Amy M.

Anniversaries November 27th-Tristyn J.