Happy Fall everyone!

Due to the new restrictions and  guidelines for Covid-19, the last few months have been challenging for all of us. We are finally able to put some group activities back in place such as Bingo, movies, recorded church services and socials. This has  helped us begin to move forward with our new norm.

It has definitely lifted our residents spirits to start seeing their loved ones in person again for visits. Make sure to check out the Calendly app on our Facebook page to get your visit set up.

We are still offering video chats for family and residents. If interested, please call Evans to set up a video time.

On Veterans Day, we will be gathering our vets for a coffee and cookie social as our way of letting them know how much they are appreciated for their service.

We all want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the kind words and community support during Covid-19.

Stay safe and healthy friends!

Until next month,

Amy Norton-Recreation Director of Evans Memorial Home